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*** 500th Outreach ***
500th Party

THE Bus of Hope celebrated its 500th outreach visit to help children in the Newbury area on Monday. The Christian charity led by Enid and Peter Boyce, aims to provide a safe place for disadvantaged children aged between five and 20 to spend time talking, listening to music or completing craft projects. They started the charity four and a half years ago and have, in that time, helped hundreds of children find "somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to talk to", as their slogan states.

There is now a second bus working in the Andover area. Mrs Boyce said: "We are Christians, but we are not there to preach. Just to share the love of Jesus. Many of the children need to know they are loved, and that there is someone to listen to them. Since we've started, we've seen some of the teenagers' attitudes changing. Many of them didn't respect anyone else as they had never been taught to respect people. For them to learn there's a different way to live makes this worthwhile."

The converted double decker makes four visits a week, stopping at Racecourse Road on Monday evenings, The Riverside Centre, Turnpike, on Tuesdays, St George's Avenue on Wednesdays and Thatcham on Harts Hill Road on Fridays. They also visit the travellers site in Aldermaston once a month. The upstairs of the bus is dedicated to younger children, where craft activities are put on, whereas the downstairs is for teenagers and has sofas and is an area where they can talk and play music. They are all given hot chocolate and biscuits and the volunteers are there to engage with them.

There are nine churches that provide volunteers for the Bus 0f Hope but they are still desperate for bus drivers as well as other volunteers. If you would like to help contact Enid Boyce on 07419 293 368 (Courtesy of N.W.N.)

What is the Bus of Hope?

Many individuals, and therefore communities, find themselves in situations where there appears to be no hope. It is our mission to bring hope into those situations. We are committed to the biblical mandate that helping communities in need is central to the purpose of local churches, wherever they are.

To fulfil this mission, of bringing hope to those who need it, the ‘Bus of Hope’ is used as a mobile resource from which various projects, services, and outreaches into our community can be facilitated to meet an identified need. We work with local churches, voluntary organisations, housing associations, the local council and police to identify those needs and establish and run the required projects. The ‘Bus of Hope’ will manage some of these projects directly and our partners will manage others as we partner with them.

We’re also committed to ensuring that as much as possible of the money that supporters give us is spent in ways that extend our available resources and capacity to bring hope to the people who need it.

God has directed us to see our first ‘Bus of Hope’ established in Newbury, Berkshire. Thereafter to see the realisation of our vision we are open to wherever God may lead us. 

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